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Esthetics Services

Artistic Waxing

Brow Couture Initial Design $25

A bone structure and facial analysis are performed. Then we will discuss the perfect eyebrow shape for your face to enhance your natural beauty.

With an Eye Zone Treatment $40

    • Brow Wax
    • $15
    • Brow Cleanup
    • $10
    • Lip
    • $10
    • Chin
    • $10
    • Brow & Lip
    • $20
    • Lip & Chin
    • $18
    • Brow, Lip & Chin
    • $25
    • Full Face
    • $35
    • Forearm
    • $25
    • Full Arm
    • $35
    • Half leg
    • $30
    • Full Leg
    • $50
    • Half Leg & Bikini
    • $45+
    • Full Leg & Bikini
    • $65+
    • Classic Bikini
    • $30+
    • Brazilian
    • $45+
    • Hollywood
    • $65+
    • Underarm
    • $20
    • Back
    • $50+
    • Neck
    • $10
    • Chest
    • $40+
    • Hands
    • $10
    • Chest & Stomach
    • $60+
    • Feet
    • $10

Brow & Lash Services

Eyebrow Tint $20

Eyelash Tint $20

Eyebrow and lash tinting is simply coloring the lashes and brow to match a new hair color or to darken light hair that blends to your skin tone. It is a smart solution to create more contrast with your skin for a more dramatic effect and accentuate your beautiful eyes.

Combo Brow Wax with Brow & Lash Tint $45

Eyelash Extension Initial Visit $175

Eyelash extensions increase length and volume to your lashes eliminating the need for mascara. Gentle enough for sensitive eyes, extensions last up to 2 months, with a touch up recommended every 2-4 weeks, depending on your lifestyle.

Eyelash Extension Fill$45

Tanning Services

Sunless Airbrush Tanning

Get a beautifully natural looking tan without the UV damage. Our products contain no alcohol, harmful chemicals or artificial fragrances and are formulated to compliment different skin tones to match your complexion perfectly.

Full Body $35

Face& Neck $20

Legs $20


Panacea Signature Facial

Our facials feature products made from organic plants and herbs. These natural products blend the healing wisdom of holistic medicine with a contemporary understanding of skin cell biology and nutrition for exceptional results. Your Esthetician will utilize a formula best suited to your complexion to achieve healthy, beautiful skin.

60 Minutes $65

90 Minutes $90

Panacea Mini Facial

A refreshing half hour treatment for your complexion that also revives tired spirits.

30 Minutes $45

Aromatherapy Facial

Signature Facial combined with the power of botanical oils to balance and quiet the mind while treating the skin.

60 Minutes $65

90 Minutes $90

Exfoliating Facial

This facial includes exfoliation and deep pore cleansing followed by extractions as needed and a custom masque to improve overall clarity, elasticity, texture and health of your skin.

60 Minutes $70

90 Minutes $95

Jin Shin Do Acupressure Facial

Signature facial combined with the power of acupressure for facial rejuvenation. Acupressure helps the body regulate the free flow of Chi Energy and blood to facilitate nutrient absorption. It also encourages lymph drainage, enhances the skin’s ability to breath and stimulates the skin’s own ability for collagen regeneration softening the skin and smoothing wrinkles.

90 Minutes $95

Gentleman’s Facial

Signature Facial tailored specifically for men. Deep cleansing, exfoliation and a hydrating masque alleviate shaving irritation and ingrown hairs, while massage of the neck, shoulders, hands and feet relieve stress.

60 Minutes $65

90 Minutes $90

Teen Facial

This custom facial was created for the under 20 crowd. Skin analysis is followed by super purifying, cleansing and extractions as needed. Plus, an easy to follow skin care routine is included so you can keep up the good work at home.

30 Minutes $45

60 Minutes $65

Mommy To Be Facial

Pregnancy is a time when the natural balance of the body undergoes significant changes. Giving attention to the changes in your skin ensures a gentle transition that results in a balance of body and mind. Your pregnancy facial also provides the pampering that a mother to be needs to maintain inner wellness during this special time.

90 Minutes $95

Forever Young Peel

A combination of biopeptides, botanicals and antioxidants encourage cellular regeneration and skin cell repair. Forever Young corrects the internal structure of the skin preventing premature aging and improving overall skin quality.

90 Minutes $105

Natural Enzyme Facial

This facial jump starts the skin for removal of dead layers and encourages cell turnover for a radiant glow. This is a great alternative to a peel.

60 Minutes $75

Glycolic Peel Facial

Peeling is believing! This, quick effective treatment utilizes a range of pharmaceutical grade glycolics that deeply exfoliate, lighten age spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

60 Minutes $75

Body Treatments

Back Facial

Treat your back to the same skin care that leaves your face glowing. This ultimate back facial will cleanse, tone, treat and hydrate. This treatment concludes with a moisturizing and nourishing massage.

60 Minutes $65

Sea Salt Scrub

The Quintessential body scrub available in your choice of Lavender, Tropical Ginger and Green Tea Lemongrass. Sea salt and essential oils exfoliate the body from head to toe, removing dry, itchy skin and increasing overall circulation. Treatment includes aromatherapy shower and hydrating massage.

60 Minutes $70

90 Minutes $95

Lavender is ideal for stress relief and quieting the mind. Tropical Ginger provides mild relief for joint and muscle pain with antibacterial properties to prevent flu, colds and infections. The soothing aroma of Lemongrass promotes relaxation while Green Tea extracts impurities from your body.


This revolutionary resurfacing treatment is exactly what you need for dull, lifeless skin. Microderm skincare gently removes dead skin and oxygenates living skin cells. We will lighten sun damage and loosen and refine clogged pores. Great for acne scarring, fine lines, age spots and dull complexions.

Individual Treatment $80

Series of Six $400

Hands $30

Decollete $45

With a Facial $125

With a Glycolic Peel $145

Special Touches

Eye Zone Treatment $25

Let us soothe your delicate eye zone with a cooling and revitalizing treatment that combines gentle massage techniques with serums and oils to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. Also great for dry, tired and itchy eyes.

Add to any Facial $20

Lip Toner $25

This smoothing and stimulating treatment firms and tightens wrinkles and lines, brightens skin color and brings forth renewed skin for soft rosy lips.

Add to any Facial $20

Add Eye Zone and Lip Toner to any Facial $35

Aromatherapy Foot Soak $20

Parrafin for Hands $10

Parrafin for Feet $10

Parrafin for Hands & Feet $15

Scalp Massage $20

Makeup Application $25

Makeup Application with Lesson $35