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Hair Styling

  • Precision Hair Cut

    At The Hairdresser's.

    • $20Men
    • $40+Women
    • $25Teens

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  • Chemical Free Hair Straightening


    This chemical-free, Oway organic treatment removes frizz and restores hair to it’s youthful state. The procedure takes 2-3 hours depending on length and thickness of hair, the treatment lasts up to 6 months.

    • $Starting at $400

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  • Shampoo and Signature Blow-Dry

    Woman portrait blow drying her hair at the beauty salon

    • $35+30 Minutes

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  • Thermal Ionic Straightening

    Woman Getting Hair Straightened After Trim At Professional Salon

    • $180+60 minutes

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  • Stress Relieving Treatment

    Portrait of young woman enjoying head massage with closed eyes,
    This spa treatment infuses your hair and scalp using Aromatic Essential Oils leaving your hair lustrous and your scalp relaxed. Service includes shampoo and blow dry.

    • $2830 minutes
    • $15As an add-on service

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